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The Problem with Voice Assistants

Voice assistants are great. But let’s face it, they’re stupid. Unless you tell them exactly what you want, you’re not getting much help. Most have little initiative and they never care about how you feel, until now. area22 has changed all of this.

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Our Solution

area22 offers an emotionally intelligent, personality driven experience with voice assistants. You can create personalities and entertain your audience.

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More Human-like Engagement

An area22 powered virtual agent will be able to take on your brand persona and enable your customers to engage more deeply, emotionally and in an entertaining and more human-like way.

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Emotional Intelligence (empathy)

We’re smart. We’ve built our machine to understand when you’re angry, frustrated, happy or sad. And (like normal people do) we can change how to talk to you based on your feelings.

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Remember and Learn

We’ve got a pretty good memory. The area22 assistant actually listens to what your customer said and remembers what you told us. We can remember your likes and dislikes, if you’re a creature of habit, we’ll learn about it.

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Personality & Persona

The area22 platform has the ability to create and adapt its personality to project a specific brand persona. We could be less assertive or cheeky, more open and chatty. Whatever image your brand has, we can match it.


Building a Relationship

We’re understanding, we remember what you like, essentially making us a virtual friend. We aim to build trust with your users, by being understanding and dependable.