powering a new era in Digital voice engagement


area22 are an AI company making digital voice engagement more effortless and "human-like". Our mission is to provide a "Voice first" conversational engagement channel for brands.

As the explosion of Personal Voice assistants, and voice recognition technology, start to penetrate the consumer market, customers will want to do more than just interact with their homes or the internet with simple commands.  They will want to interact directly and more deeply with all aspects of their favourite brands through these devices. Today, in order to support a deeper frictionless brand experience using digital voice,  a much richer voice engagement capability is required. 

The area22 platform can deliver through a more natural speech experience by adding:

  • a common access point for all personal assistants

  • a personality to engender trust

  • contextual awareness for a more human like behaviour

  • back-end integration & training to brand data, inventory and services

The platform will allow customers to build trust in and have worthwhile conversations with their brands, using their standard virtual personal assistants.

area22 will make brands more "Voice aware". Contact us and lets start a conversation!