Our Mission and Value

area22 has a mission to help companies and their customers communicate with each other using natural voice.   Today most communication using  Personal Assistant’s and common consumer voice recognition technologies, are very single threaded in nature, providing the user access to a set of simple binary-like skills to maybe, turn a light on or off, set a room thermostat, or tell you the weather.  

area22 is developing a more "human-like" form of voice engagement with all aspects of a brand.  Our goal is to enable not only the support of a consumer through a voice interface, but one that can also provide the ability to cross-sell and up-sell products and services using natural voice. Our value is to help reduce the operational costs of customer support and also  drive revenue with an always-on brand-focussed engagement with your customer. 

The area22 platform provides digital voice engagement the missing elements of personality, multi-threaded conversations, contextual awareness & recommendation and exception handling.     

area22 platform features

  • Context awareness and modality management
  • Common User Interface supporting all Personal Voice Assistants.
  • Skills SDK to help faster enhanced skills development and porting
  • Analytics and BI interface to understand and monitor customer engagement
  • Data adapters for fast integration
  • E-commerce engine providing transaction and inventory management & recommendation
  • Asset and inventory ontologies to help model a brand's products and services.
  • Exception handling, training data logging and regression