Use Case 1

Voice enabling your brand

Today the area22 voice assistant is being used by mobile operators to voice enable their entire mobile offer. Including being able to use natural voice to help their customers do the following:


Pay and manage a bill


Buy a data bundle, or roaming package


Send a message without the phone


Finding a lost phone


Making a call


Value sample




Users find this experience a simple and compelling way to manage their data usage. Mobile operators increase their upsell of data at no cost.



USe Case 2


Voice control of TV & content assistant

area22 has deployed its voice assistant with Digital TV providers. Here we help customers control their TV and then help them select and watch content all through the power of voice.


Value Sample

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Vector Smart Object.png



area22 reduces the time to entertainment by learning and remembering what content each user watches and enjoys. The assistant has a conversation with the user and shares its knowledge of films in an empathetic and entertaining way to help steer the user through the myriad of content and help make choices.



Other use cases


Omni Channel Voice

Omni channel “Voice First” strategy for multi-facetted businesses e.g. quad-play service providers with offerings for Fixed Voice, Mobile, WiFi, TV and Media.

Empathetic Upgrades

Providing a separate empathetic layer to existing voice skill solutions that don’t have any emotional intelligence.

Voice Commerce

Voice Assistant for e-commerce brands – product discovery, and offer recommendation and fulfillment management.

Health Assistant

Voice enablement of health care providers. Including health checks, appointment management and elderly monitoring.

Brand Discovery

Voice online browsing assistant for online retail brands – Product Discovery and offer management.

Home Assistant

Voice assistant for Home control and other IoT solutions