Koodo Mobile Launches Alexa skill for mobile subscribers in Canada

Koodo Mobile has launched a new Alexa skill to help its customers engage with and manage their mobile services using natural voice. 

Dublin, – February, 27, 2018: Today Koodo Mobile a subsidiary of TELUS Communications Inc. launched a new skill for with Amazon Alexa to its subscribers in Canada using the area22 platform. The service enables its customers to, amongst other things, top-up their mobile phones, examine and explain their bill, make a call, send an SMS and receive new offers all through a conversational interface using natural voice.

The area22 platform differs from existing platforms by providing a number of critical capabilities to engender trust and make the voice engagement experience less transactional and more human-like in nature.  It provides cross platform Voice interface to all NLG and NLU technologies, supporting a single central conversational flow, which has added contextual awareness and an understanding of any previous engagement history. This is supported by a common data management and analytics capability with integrated training and data integration capability.

“We are amped to be working with area22, it’s early days, but we see this technology really helping us drive service engagement with our customers while minimizing overhead,” said Bernard Szederkenyi, Director Product Marketing Koodo. “Our customers stay up to date with the latest technology and they expect us to stay at the forefront of digital enablement. This is one more way we’re meeting their needs.”

“Our technology provides Mobile Operators a full voice engagement stack and makes a “Voice first” channel a realistic possibility for our customers” said Ken Jackson, CEO of area22.  “This not only enables our customers to develop richer skills, it also provides a single brand voice with a personality to help build trust and engagement with customers” he added.

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