Our Mission and Value

area22 helps brands implement a voice first strategy. We have developed a more "human-like" voice assistant bringing empathy and emotional intelligence to all aspects of brand engagement whilst using a voice interface.

Our goal is to not only enable consumers to access basic brand services through natural voice, but one that can also help brands build stronger empathetic relationships with their customers.

Our value is to make life simple and voice driven. We allow voice to become the natural way for you customers to engage with all aspects of your brand. Whether its making a call, paying a bill, managing the home, or finding something to watch on TV we can control it for you using an empathetic voice.


  • Quad-play Voice interfaces: including Fixed-line replacement, Communication services management including WiFi, SMS, Top-up, Bill management and TV & media control.

  • Conversational Context awareness and dialog management.

  • Sentiment detection and Emotional Intelligence adaption

  • Common Interface to support all Personal Voice Assistants; Alexa, Google, Bixby, Siri etc.

  • Exception handling, training data logging and regression

  • Analytics and BI interface to understand and monitor customer engagement